Engineering geodesy

We provide wide range of services in areas of geodetic works in construction building, energetics and industry, ranging from complex surveying works in construction, through engineering networks stake-out documentation to drifts and deformations monitoring.

Engineering geodesy

List of services

It mainly includes following geodetic works:

  • Surveying- landscape geodetic data gathering for the GIS elaboration
  • Proposal and setting-up a stake grid for construction sites
  • Surveying in the development projects - from the support documentation elaboration for a project to a real condition stake-out
  • Purposed-built cadaster maps (industrial factories', city, and municipal maps)
  • Engineering networks administrator documentation elaboration
  • Surveying of longitudinal and lateral profiles of line buildings
  • Cubic content calculation
  • Staking-out a spatial location of a point
  • Staking-out detailed points on construction sites
  • Monitoring vertical and horizontal shifts
  • Surveying for erection and assembling works (eg. bridges)
  • Surveying in tunnels and under ground

Selected experiences of complex geodetic services in the engineering geodesy area.