References in Real Estate Cadastre

  • Property settlements in ownership of ŽSR /Slovak Railways/ (surveying and plat maps execution)
  • Property settlements in ownership of SR – /Forests of the Slovak Republic/ (surveying and plat maps elaboration)
  • Plat maps elaboration regarding property consignments to providers of engineering networks (St. Hlavná, Kuzmányho – neighborhood unit, City center Letná ), Košice City Government
  • Register elaboration of the original condition, new condition, plat maps processing for the settlement for 13 communal garden units, plat maps for a proposal of land substitution surveying (Garden units in Košice and Rimavská Sobota), Krajské pozemkové úrady /Regional Land Offices/
  • Plat maps elaboration for land restitutions in 23 locations in the following districts: Rimavská Sobota, Žilina and Čadca, Slovenský pozemkový fond /The Slovak Land Fund/
  • Land property division and the withdrawal from the agricultural soil in order to set the advertising boards, company Respo s.r.o.
  • Other plat maps and surveying- approximately 150 orders per year.
  • Renewed property evidence registration (ROEP) on more than 70 land territories (i.e. Holíč, Dedinky, Skároš, Boliarov, Čučma, Čerhov, Lastovce, Jablonec, atd.), various Land Registries of Slovak Republic